Quick Access Loan Scheme

Lawn Tennis Association

“Our mission is to grow tennis and padel by making them accessible, welcoming and enjoyable”

Discover the pathways to securing financial support for tennis and padel court construction through our exclusive partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). At Padel House, we offer assistance in navigating the loan access options available from the LTA, empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their goals of developing tennis and padel facilities.

Explore the array of funding opportunities and resources provided by the LTA, tailored to make the process of acquiring financial support for court projects seamless and accessible. Through our collaboration with the LTA, we strive to make the journey towards constructing high-quality tennis and padel courts a smooth and rewarding experience for our clients.

Fund Objectives

Grow the numbers of adults and juniors on the coaching programme

The fund prioritises the growth of coaching programs for adults and juniors, aiming to increase participation and skill development among different age groups. By offering comprehensive coaching programs, the fund provides tailored instruction and training opportunities to help individuals enhance their skills, boost confidence, and foster a passion for tennis and padel sports. This objective focuses on creating a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages continuous growth and development among players of all ages.

Offer and increase both non-members pay and play usage and coaching opportunities

The fund targets the expansion of pay-and-play usage opportunities and coaching programs for both members and non-members. By diversifying and expanding access to the facilities, the aim is to make tennis and padel sports more accessible to a wider audience. This includes providing diverse coaching programs for individuals of all skill levels, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage in sports activities and improve their skills under professional guidance.

Retain and increase the number of participants at the venue

One of the key objectives of the fund is to retain and attract a higher number of participants to the playing venue. By offering enhanced facilities and engaging programs, the fund seeks to create an inviting and vibrant environment that encourages active participation in tennis and padel sports. The aim is to increase the retention rates of existing players while attracting new members to the venue, fostering a growing and diverse community of sports enthusiasts.

Provide covered or floodlit playing facilities

The fund aims to enhance the playing facilities by providing covered or floodlit amenities. This enhancement encourages year-round accessibility for the community, enabling individuals to enjoy tennis and padel sports regardless of weather conditions. By creating inclusive and weather-resistant playing areas, the fund seeks to promote regular engagement in sports activities and foster a sense of community among players.

Provide seamless booking of tennis courts and lessons through an online booking system

To enhance user experience and convenience, the fund aims to provide a seamless booking system for tennis courts and lessons through an online platform. This initiative streamlines the booking process, making it easier for members and non-members to access and reserve playing facilities and coaching sessions. By implementing an efficient online booking system, the fund enhances accessibility, efficiency, and overall user satisfaction, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient experience for all players and coaches.

The Key Facts

Interest-free loan
Open all year round with no submission deadlines
Decision made within 6 weeks of full application
Venues must be LTA-registered upon project completion
There must be an adequate security of tenure at the venue, with the applicant legally-able to borrow money
Online booking for courts and programmes is a requirement, through our online booking system
Venues will need to develop a satisfactory sustainability action plan
Venues will need to have in place an adequate sinking fund
Venues must be properly constituted, not for profit, inclusive and accessible (the LTA Tennis Foundation is unable to fund companies limited by shares)