Sectors We serve

Explore our services tailored for different sectors to discover how Padel House can customise solutions for your specific needs:


Explore how we can revitalise public spaces, promote active living, and enhance recreational opportunities for local communities through our dedicated services focused on creating vibrant and inclusive sporting environments within council-owned facilities.

Gyms & Spas

Transform fitness facilities into dynamic spaces with state-of-the-art padel court constructions designed for active lifestyles.


Enhance the leisure offerings of hotels with premium padel court installations tailored to meet the needs of guests.

Private Residence

Bring the thrill of padel to your doorstep with bespoke court installations for private residences by Padel House.

Schools & universities

Elevate the sporting experience at educational institutions with customised padel court solutions from Padel House.

tennis racket with a tennis ball on a tennis court

Tennis Clubs

Partnering with tennis clubs, we offer tailored solutions to enhance facilities and promote active tennis and padel sports engagement within club environments